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Posted by rs picture rs on Mon 09 Feb, 2009 00:13:52 +0000

A new version of is scheduled for release this weekend. The release will begin on Sunday 8th Feb 2009 at 9am GMT and will end at 1pm GMT.

I will be taking down the Subversion and Web server during these 4 hours. You will not be able to access your repositories or your projects during this time. Please do follow our twitter page @xpdev for updates on the release.

I will post a new blog entry upon completion of the release with details of the new features enabled.

Update: ETA is now 4pm GMT.

3:34pm GMT Update: It look like its going to take much longer. Updated ETA is 11pm GMT. This release includes an upgrade to Subversion 1.5 and migrating all repositories is taking much longer than anticipated.

00:14am GMT Update: Everything is back online. Some of you may have noticed that the old blog system is no longer linked from the main page. I’m going to move them over in the next few days, along with the comments. In the meantime, feel free to comment below! (you’ll need to be registered to comment)

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