New Features - DoneDone Integration & More

Posted by rs picture rs on Tue 04 May, 2010 04:51:23 +0000

There are number for new enhancements that have been released.

Mercurial Hosting

Mercurial has always been on the wishlist, and now its supported by

I’ve put up a full blog post about Mercurial and hosting it on

DoneDone Integration

If you use DoneDone as your choice of issue tracking tool, you can now integrate your Subversion, Git & Mercurial repositories with it.

You will be able to link changesets in with DoneDone issues.

For full details including screenshots head over to

Project Groups

You can now group your projects into groups. This is really useful if you have plenty of projects and feel that your Projects page is getting too cluttered.

To get started with this, head on to your Projects tab and click on Manage Project Groups.

Recent Changes RSS Feed

All projects have a new RSS feed that shows 30 latest changes. Here’s an example of the feed for’s Open Source Amazon S3 tools.

Reducing Noise on Basecamp

You can now reduce the length of messages posted to Basecamp by removing the list of files affected on every changeset. To enable this:

  • Head to your project’s Source Control tab
  • Click on Edit Basecamp Integration Options
  • Ensure that the option Skip changeset details in Basecamp message ? is enabled
  • Click on Save

The messages posted will only contain the user, date & time of the commit, the commit log message and a link back to the full changeset at

Hide External Integration Passwords on Source Control Page

External integration (Fogbugz, Fixx, Basecamp & DoneDone) passwords on the Source Control page is now hidden. You can view it by editing the related integration option. In the past, these passwords were only shown to the project owner, but hiding it away can avoid those prying eyes from glancing over and reading your password.


A number of bug fixes worth mentioning:

  • Wiki pages and #<ticket id> links have been restored
  • Latest topic on the Forums summary page should show the correct topic

If you have any problems with any of these enhancements, feel free to drop a comment below or just raise a support ticket

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