Equipment Move - 23rd April 2010

Posted by rs picture rs on Mon 12 Apr, 2010 08:46:09 +0000

As is currently expanding, I managed to get a brand new rackspace in a new datacenter to host most of Solutions' equipment. At the rate things are moving, the service will outgrow the current providers soon. Additionally, the new rackspace will include some network topology changes that will hopefully bring about an increase in service performance.

The equipment move will happen on Friday 23rd April 2010 from 7pm (BST, GMT+1) onwards. Whole of will be offline for 5 hours (it all depends on how traffic in London is on a Friday night).

I would personally prefer to move the equipment on a Sunday morning as that’s the least busiest time, but the current providers only allow me to collect my equipment Monday-Friday during working hours (I’m really upset with them, and thankfully don’t have to deal with them anymore! This is an interesting, long story which I hope to be able to blog about soon on my personal blog).

How will this affect you ?

Access to projects & repositories: You won’t be able to access your Git, Subversion, or Trac projects during the equipment move.

Change of IP Address: If you’re using Direct File Hosting on, and have mapped virtual domains, you will need to change where your DNS ‘A’ records of your virtual domains point to (if you use a ‘CNAME’ record, you won’t need to do anything):

  • Domains hosted on will be moved to
  • Domains hosted on will be moved to

You should change your DNS addresses around the time of the equipment move.

Do give a shout if you have any concerns, either post a comment below or raise a support ticket

UPDATE 23rd April 2010 23:52 BST: All equipment has been moved successfully.

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