New Release 4.42 - Fixx Integration & WebDAV

Posted by rs picture rs on Thu 03 Dec, 2009 18:46:46 +0000

I’ve just released a new version of your favourite subversion hosting provider which brings Fixx integration, WebDAV & a number of smaller bug fixes.

Fixx Integration

If you happen to use Fixx as your issue tracking tool, you can now get your Subversion repository changesets posted to your Fixx issues as comments. Full documentation details (inc. screenshots) are provided in the documentation site.

Example Fixx comment


You can use a regular WebDAV client (Windows operating systems support WebDAV quite nicely, they’re called Web Folders) to download & upload files to your Subversion repositories. WebDAV has been enabled on all paid accounts.

Bug Fixes & Other Enhancements

A number of bugs have been fixed and some other enhancements have been implemented as well:

  • Trac projects can now edit the estimated hours field and add hours to tickets.
  • Fixed the upload progress bar when uploading files for attachments or importing repositories.
  • Increased font size: you no longer have to squint to read your bugs, stories, forums, wiki pages, etc.
  • Creation of initial Subversion directories (trunk, tags, branches) when creating repositories. Just turn on the checkbox for Create Initial Directories when you’re creating a new source control repository for your project.
  • Better looking Subversion repository browsing. Have a look at as an example. (You’ll need to use a browser that understand XML Stylesheets)

Feedback is much appreciated. Just drop a comment here, or raise a new support ticket.

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