Fogbugz Integration & Drag-n-Drops

Posted by rs picture rs on Wed 04 Nov, 2009 16:48:21 +0000

A new release has just been rolled out which includes Fogbugz integration

Fogbugz Integration

Full documentation of this feature is on the documentation site (including screenshots):

For the impatient, all you have to do is head over to your project’s Source Control tab and click on Edit Fogbugz Integration Options. Fill up the form and click on Save.

To reference a Fogbugz case, you just need to mention a #<case number> somewhere in your commit message. Additionally, you can close, resolve and even reassign cases.

To resolve/close a case, you need to have close(s)/resolve(s) #<case number> in your commit message.

To reassign a case, you need to have reassign to user or reassign to "full user name" following a case number in your commit message.

The Fogbugz integration documentation explains it with full examples.

In the example below, I managed to resolve case #11 using the following commit message

add fogbugz integration documentation

resolves #11

Example Fogbugz integration: case updated with changeset information

Drag-n-drop to Prioritise Stories, Bugs and Tasks

In the past, if you wanted to prioritise your bug, stories and tasks you had to click on a button that either pushes the object up or down the list. Needless to say, this gets pretty annoying if you had a really long list and wanted the bug/story at the bottom of the list top go to the top.

Well, that’s a thing of the past — now you should be able to reprioritise your lists by dragging and dropping them. Additionally, you should be able to reprioritise items in your saved search filters as well.

Hope you enjoy these new features. Feedback as usual is always welcome! Do raise a support ticket or just drop a comment below.

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